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BLUE 815 is fully supportive of our local officers participating in training and seminar sessions that work for their betterment in keeping themselves and community members safe. We also recognize that many officers participate in local, state, and national law enforcement-related events in which their necessary expenses are not fully covered by their agencies.

BLUE 815 is offering an opportunity for grant funding to reimburse active sworn law enforcement officers and active corrections officers working for agencies within Winnebago County and Boone County, Illinois for training course fees, seminar fees, and travel accommodations for law enforcement-related events they would otherwise be responsible for themselves.

BLUE 815 will review applications as they are received and notify recipients within 60 calendar days of receiving their application. Annual funding is limited. At this time, officers may apply more than once but may receive no more than $200 in reimbursement within one calendar year, unless determined otherwise by the BLUE 815 board members. Receipts and/or proof of registration confirmation and payment are required and must be provided upon applying.

Please Note:
-All personal information remains confidential.
-BLUE 815 will not publicly disclose any specific information regarding grants provided without recipient's permission.
-Officers must not be on administrative leave at the time of applying for or receiving grant funding reimbursement.

-BLUE 815 reserves the right to ask for further information regarding the grant reimbursement request as needed to make a determination. 
-BLUE 815 Board Members reserve the right to approve or deny applications. Applicants will be notified of any determined approval status. 

Grant Program: About Us
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